About Us


Founded in Q3 2023, SparXcharge is B2B & B2C service brand of NEZO ENERGY INDIA LLP, a Thiruvananthapuram headquartered startup with a mission to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles by Delivering sustainable DC & AC fast-charging solutions for EVs, which can be deployed anywhere, supporting EV30@30 campaign and INDIA NetZero 2070 sustainable goals.


Redefining EV charging in India, SparXcharge provides On-Demand, Convenience, Mobile DC & AC Fast EV Charging-as-a-Service (EV CaaS) in city and on highways, anywhere, anytime through our innovative and exclusive product “PulZe”. Our On-Demand Mobile Charging-as-a-Service (EV CaaS) will be safe, convenient, reliable & availabl 27×7 360

We provide personally customized scheduled service for each individual customer as per their convenience, wish and demand. It will be provided in 3 ways namely; 1) charge at doorstep, 2) charge as you drive (top-up charging) and 3) charge at stationary (destination charging), with the use of a user-friendly EV Industry FIRST WhatsApp ChatBOT.