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Charge Delivery
Payment and Billing
What is sparXcharge?

sparXcharge is an online platform to provide doorstep charge delivery of energy for your EV in a safe, reliable, and efficient way. You can place your order online and get charge delivered at your location in specially designed mobile EV charging station according to your chosen schedule. We are making EV charging smarter!

What are sparXcharge’s hours of operation?

Mobile EV charging stations operate and provide energy charge deliveries 24×7 round the clock and 365 days.

Where does sparXcharge source its energy from?

sparXcharge procures storage battery energy from reputed charge point operators and other established agencies near your location. It also sources the required energy from renewable energy spots like solar or wind farms and also from waste-to-energy project sites.

Which areas are being served by sparXcharge right now?

sparXcharge services are available in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode to begin with. Plans are in place to deploy about thousands of Mobile EV charging stations across 100 cities in India by 2030.

How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

The time it takes to charge an electric car can be as little as 30 minutes or more than 12 hours. This depends on the size of the battery pack
and the speed of the charging point.

  • A typical electric car (60kWh battery) takes just under 8 hours to charge from empty-to-full with a 7kW charging point.
  • Most drivers top up charge rather than waiting for their battery to recharge from empty-to-full.
  • For many electric cars, you can add up to 167 kms of range in ~35 minutes with a 50kW rapid charger.
  • The bigger your car’s battery and the slower the charging point, the longer it takes to charge from empty to full.
Which Charging Station Type Is Ideal for my EV?

Slow Charger (Level 1 EV Chargers)
These are in general, the most commonly found EV chargers in households where the EV-owner can recharge their vehicle in the comfort
and convenience of their home and routine. This EV charger for home takes a comparatively longer time to completely charge the electric

Fast Charger (Level 2 EV Chargers)
The fast charger is mostly found in public places such as supermarkets, public parks, shops, leisure centres, and else. Almost every EV and
plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) can be charged using a type-2 charger.

Rapid Charger (Level 3 EV Chargers)
The DC charger for electric vehicles charges the vehicle super-fast and the reason is that it is supported by direct current. The DC charger
converts the AC current incoming into direct current at the charging station. It generally charges an electric car up to 80% within 20 minutes,
and can fully charge the vehicle in an hour’s time.

Where Can I Find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations?

There are about 9000+ EV charging stations in India spread across 100+ cities. These charging stations are privately operated by companies in these cities through their mobile APPs. On the other hand, sparXcharge is mobile EV charging station, comes to the customer doorstep to charge their EVs, wherever they are.

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

The battery capacity of most electric vehicles in India usually comes within the range of 20 to 40 kWh. When charging your electric cars at home, the cost is influenced by the particular state’s electricity rate, which varies from Rs 8 to Rs 10 per unit. For instance, Electric Car Charging Cost in charging stations in Delhi is, on average, around Rs 4 per kWh, whereas domestic rates can be anywhere between Rs 2 to Rs 9 per unit. This means that charging your electric car at a public station could cost you between Rs 100 and Rs 200, and charging at home may range from Rs 180 to Rs 500.
sparXcharge delivers energy at customer doorstep at the same cost as available in your city plus a nominal convenience delivery charge.

How often should I charge my EV?

It all depends on what EV you’re driving, what charger you’re using and your driving habits. But for most EV drivers, 2–3 times a week is enough. If you’re driving your EV on a daily basis and own a smart charger, you can also schedule your car to be charged at night. sparXcharge has different subscription plans to suite your needs, Chat with us on 81 11 99 55 66

How Far Can an Electric Vehicle Travel on a Single Charge?

The distance an EV can travel on a single battery charge is known as its “all-electric range.” All-electric vehicles can typically go between
185 and over 500 kms on a single charge. It depends on the capacity of battery pack of an EV.

Can I Charge my Electric Car in the Rain?

While it is generally safe to charge your EV in the rain, it is important to ensure that the charging station and charging cable are not exposed to water. If possible, it’s best to avoid charging in wet conditions.

Can I overcharge my EV?

The short answer is that you can’t overcharge an electric car’s battery. Electric vehicles all have a built-in battery management and monitoring system which makes sure that the main battery pack doesn’t overcharge.

What are the EV Charging Safety Guidelines?
  • Use a certified charging station
  • Avoid charging in extreme temperatures
  • Avoid charging in wet conditions
  • Use the right extension cord
  • Check the charging cable for damage
  • Do not overcharge
  • Check the batteries regularly
  • Use your EV regularly
  • Do not completely drain or charge the battery
Is doorstep EV charging a dangerous new concept?

Doorstep EV Charging is neither dangerous nor is it a new concept. Our Operators are well trained, in addition to being extensively training on the safe handling of EV Charge. Doorstep charge delivery has already been implemented in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. Doorstep delivery of EV Charge is safe. Now imagine a vehicle carrying storage energy in a well-equipped container coming to deliver at your doorsteps. First, such a small amount of energy dispensed to your EV reduces the vapor generation or accumulation to nil. Second, there are no potential fire sources to cause ignition. These factors together nullify the possibility of any fire during doorstep delivery.

Is there a risk of EV charger exploding while charging?

No. Our Mobile EV Charger and the Battery Pack work in tandem with BMS (Battery Management System) and cut-off mechanism. The entire system is fully tested and comply with all statutory regulations and standards of BIS and AIS (Automotive Industry Standard), thereby the possibility of fire or explosion is almost nil.

Can I use an extension cord to charge my EV?

If you need to use an extension cord, make sure it’s the right one for the job. Use a heavy-duty extension cord that is rated for outdoor use and the appropriate amperage for your charging station.

Can I leave my EV plugged in overnight?

Most electric vehicles have a built-in mechanism to prevent overcharging, so it is generally safe to leave your EV plugged in overnight. However, it’s always a good idea to monitor the charging process and keep an eye on the battery’s overall performance

Is it safe to charge my electric vehicle in extreme temperatures?

Extreme temperatures can damage the battery and reduce its lifespan, so it’s best to avoid charging in temperatures below freezing or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If possible, charge your EV in moderate temperatures.

Can I use any charging station to charge my electric vehicle?

It is important to use a certified charging station to avoid safety issues. Certified charging stations meet all safety standards and are designed to prevent overcharging and overheating. Be sure to choose the right charging station for your vehicle’s needs.

Can I charge my electric vehicle overnight?

Yes, you can charge your electric vehicle overnight. However, it’s important to use a certified charging station, monitor the charging process, and keep an eye on the battery’s overall performance to ensure safe and efficient charging.

What are the EV charging delivery charges?

EV charging energy is delivered at the same cost as available in your city plus a nominal convenience delivery charge. We procure
storage battery energy from reputed charge point operators and other established agencies. The energy price varies among city /
state regulatory authorities.

What are the payment options available?

We accept payment by NEFT, Online – Net Banking Payment, Online – Card/UPI Payment, and Cash at the time of charge delivery. If you prefer paying Online using Cards, we recommend you to check with your bank if they levy surcharges on your card. If there is any surcharge by the bank/intermediary, it will be borne by you (customer).
For our suggested Payment Gateway partners in the app/website/Chatbot – any excess charge incurred by the payment mechanism is displayed as “convenience fee” at the time of choosing the payment method. The same is payable by you (customer) over and above our charges and is collected by the Payment Gateway provider, and not by sparXcharge as a service charge.

Wallet Specific: You can use the Bank Transfer option to recharge sparXcharge Wallet without any additional payment gateway

Is there a cancellation fee on sparXcharge order?

No – as long as the charge delivery has not been dispatched with your order. If you need to cancel an order, we recommend doing so before the start of your charge delivery.

What is “My Wallet”?

My Wallet is a closed Wallet offered by sparXcharge. It serves as a prepaid instrument that can be recharged and redeemed by placing orders on sparXcharge for delivery. Wallets can be recharged either via Online Payments or via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/UPI payments to Customer Specific Virtual Accounts that identify the Wallet.

Order Amount Adjustment, Cancellation & Refund
  • Any adjustments with your Charge Amount due to changes in kWh energy delivered, or on Cancellation are adjusted with your
  • Any excess kWh energy delivered at the time of charge delivery can also be adjusted with your available Wallet Balance.
  • Past Pending Payments can also be settled with your available Wallet Balance.
  • If you wish to withdraw the wallet balance, please send an email along with your registered Email ID / registered Phone
    Number and the details of the beneficiary bank account/UPI handle. On verification, the amount will be refunded to the
    beneficiary account in 3-4 working days.